Mark Putscher

Co-owner, Curator

Mark has been an Entrepreneur-Business operator since 1999, when he left the Corporate world. He has a degree in Business Management and has owned several businesses from Bakeries, to a Casino Entertainment Company he founded and ran for 9 years. He has published one book, managed two local Rock Bands, and help start a Night Club. He did not start as an artist until his mid 40’s, when he found that through participating in art he could slow down and improve his life.

Since then he started the business Land “Mark” Arts which has since branched into something very exciting for the artist community: Landmark Artist. Mark has presented his work at RAW Artists show in Salt Lake City, as well as a selected artist for the Urban Arts Festival. His art is very unique, and each work is not started with an end in mind. You will find everything from a Wishing Well made out of Pennies to a Bear made out of pinecones. You can find his work at www.landmarkarts.vpweb until we update his profile on

Mark is also involved with Connect, a great organization under the umbrella of the Utah Art Alliance. He is on the Connect committee, and is the Director of the Connect Broadcast.

His absolute favorite things outside of his work are is his wife, his kids and his grandkids!


Alayna putscher

Co-owner, Curator

Alayna has co-owner of a number of business ventures with her husband, and has been an artist for many years. Her artistic talent seems to know no bounds. She sculpts, draws, paints, cake decorates and yes makes wands…..and did we mention she is crazy good at costuming and makeup!

As a painter she has a truly awe-inspiring style, capturing the essence of photographs and pictures and bringing them to life in an amazing way on canvas. Many times improving a picture when painting it, making it a part of someone's life, that will last for more than a lifetime.

You can see more of her photos on her Facebook page. And of course look for more of her work here on her Landmark Artist page.

Alayna is an amazing Wife, Mother, Grandmother and person. Her time outside of art is given mostly to her husband, 23 years a honeymooner. She also has a passion for spending time with her children and grandchildren. She finds joy in supporting local youth in the community through giving of her time and teaching.


Lisa draper

Board of Directors

Lisa is the founder, CEO, artist, frame-maker, instructor and saleswoman at Draper Fine Art, where she creates stunning epoxy works - layered and torched to create immense depth and beauty beneath a smooth surface.  Also on the Board of Directors at The Golden Rule Project, Lisa loves to serve in her community and to interact with people from around the globe. She holds a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Brigham Young University, and is the proud mother of 3 young children.

When she is not working or chasing kids, Lisa loves to read, travel, watch cop shows, and slowly chip her way towards fluency on one of the 7 languages she’s never finished learning. Passionate about helping artists move from hobbyist to professional, Lisa is excited to be here at Landmark Artist.


Michael Christensen

Board of directors

Filmmaker, Arts Advocate, & Civic Engagement Advocate
Programming Director with Utah Arts Alliance, Connect Director, Go Unite Director

Michael is a program creator, project manager, certified Change Leader, and team member. Michael dropped out of college (where he was majoring in Sociology) to begin work with the Utah Arts Alliance, in 2010.

Michael's primary concern is in helping to make "the arts" a more central focus in fostering civic engagement -- and he relies heavily on games, conversation, inclusiveness, and big ideas to further this goal. He currently runs a weekly Vlog on the importance of the arts, hosts one podcast for the Civic Engagement platform “Go Unite,” as well sits on the Connect Broadcast.

Michael, a Utah native, is also a filmmaker, musician, and visual artist.