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We invite you to join our community and build your business with us while sharing your work with the world! We are building an online directory of artists, both novice and professional to help those needing art and artist services to find just the right fit.

In addition to this, we are also helping to connect artists at every level of their career to opportunities locally, such as displaying work at Layton Hills Mall, UNCON, the $100 art show and Urban Arts Festival, we have an upcoming gallery showing for two months at the end of this year for chosen Landmark Artists. Lisa is traveling nationally, and internationally seeking out opportunities for her art and possible co-op opportunities. We would also be interested in opportunities local to you that are potential co-op opportunities that we can pursue together.

At no cost to you, your art will be featured on our website, along with links to any online portfolios you maintain.

Your artwork will also have a chance to be offered to local business owners as part of our business art exhibit program, where work will be for sale both online and on location. Such as our Layton Hills Mall Project, where we will be helping host Connect events at the Mall also.

Our goals are: support artists within the world of selling by both creating and connecting artists to sales opportunities; enrich our community, and build a profitable business for all.  We are NOT a juried program, and are here to help you succeed. If you are just starting out, we are happy to help you create a price structure, polish your artist statement, learn to photograph your art, and gracefully handle critique as you grow your career.  

Feel free to send us information about yourself through the form below,
And that’s it! We look forward to working with you!
Mark, Alayna, and Lisa
Landmark Arts

*Landmark Arts reserves the right to refuse individual pieces of selected artists that don’t live up to their community standards (i.e. Pornographic art will not be listed on this site).

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